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Google Adwords


Google AdWordsT enables you to manage your own account, and with cost-per-click (CPC) pricing, you pay only when users click on your ad. You control your costs by setting a daily budget of what you are willing to spend each day. AdWordsT is now available in six languages.


Once your account is created, your adverts appear on Google within minutes, connecting new customers with your site immediately


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Pay per click (PPC) is a form of online advertising where you as the advertiser only pay when someone clicks on your advert. You bid on certain keywords to bring relevant traffic to your site. It is also known as paid search.


PPC advertising is a good place to start your online marketing if you have a new website. It is also great for short-term promotions.


Main benefits:

  • You can reach your market more quickly with PPC than with other forms of marketing
  • Clicks on your advert within hours
  • Be on page one of the search engines within the first day if your budget is high enough
  • You can guarantee that your advert appears on a search engine results page when a user searches for a specific keyword or term
  • Trackable
  • Targeted
  • Clickers are ready to buy right now
  • Fast ROI
  • Great for limited budgets
  • Pay for the advertising after it has been effective
  • Get immediate pay back when you convert traffic into a sale
  • You pick which keywords to bid on
  • You can continually improve your advert
  • No website modification needed
  • Control which page of your site a visitor first sees
  • Run adverts for brand names that have negative stories in the natural search results


  • When you stop your campaign, your adverts stop showing
  • Not as cost effective over time as SEO
  • Visitors don't trust paid adverts and listings as much as organic/natural ones
  • Click fraud
  • Expensive for high competition keywords

    Using SEO and PPC in combination


  • The two form of search marketing can and should complement each other. One gives long term benefit and the other gives quick boosts where needed
  • Spread risk by using more than one marketing strategy
  • Fill gaps with PPC were your website is not initially naturally visible from using SEO
  • Test new keywords to optimise for

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