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Keyword research

It is very easy to rank at number 1 for terms that no one is looking for, but this does nothing for your business.


You need to be found for phrases that are relevant to your business and are being looked for by your customers. We use state of the art software to find out how people use the internet and what they are looking for in the search engines.


Decisions on what keywords to rank for are made in conjunction with you because you know more about your business and the terms used within it.



With plans starting at 2 hours per month, we will monitor your position in the top 10 search engines and make the adjustments necessary (as time permits) to maintain and improve your ranking. We subscribe to industry standard software and news feeds that enable us to react to changes quickly.


85 per hour per month or 95 per hour ad-hoc and 99 per hour for programming services. (all prices exclude VAT)


We recommend on a case-by-case basis exactly what level of maintenance your site requires. Our clients typically use between 5 and 10 hours per month.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We ensure that the aspects of your website that the search engines are looking at all give the right message about your website.


We recommend on a case-by-case basis exactly what level of maintenance your site requires. Our clients typically use between 5 and 10 hours per month.


Some of the things we will look at and optimise include:


The title tag

The description

The keywords

The alt image text


And much more too..


Link building

The links coming into your website are very important to the search engines. It is not just a case of quantity but of quality.


The search engines are looking for links that are relevant, of good quality, properly formatted and one-way.


We have a lot of experience with this and do not outsource our link building. We provide a top quality service and one that works best for your site.


When building links we ensure we use the Google latent semantic indexing algorithm as a guide, so that the links we build are as future proof as we can make them.


Human computer interaction

This is an important part of your on-line marketing strategy. It looks at how people move through your site and what they do on each page.


Getting people to your site is good, but once there you want them to do something. This could be buying a product, filling out a form or contacting your offices.


The way that your site is laid out and the links displayed will encourage the user into the part of the site you want them to visit. This way you can increase your enquires or sales without needing to attract more visitors to the site.


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