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SEO services in Salisbury

Search engine optimisation experts Cravenplan Computers specialise in internet marketing, as well as offering web design and site hosting services. For most of our clients for which we carry out SEO Salisbury and the surrounding area is their main demographic, however we also have clients based further afield.


As we specialise in hosting and website design in addition to SEO Salisbury based businesses often find that we are better able to provide effective internet marketing advice than other local SEO companies. We use a comprehensive in-house web statistics package on all client websites that we host, which give us access to more detailed traffic metrics than most search engine optimisation companies. This allows us to make better-informed decisions on the most effective SEO strategies for your business.


With a long company history and many success stories along the way (which you can find on our testimonies page) Cravenplan have the knowledge and the expertise necessary to help you increase your website's positions in Google's search engine rankings.


Our services begin with an in-depth discussion with you to establish the type of industry your company specialises in, and keyword research to confirm with you the most beneficial phrases for your website to target in the search engine results. When these phrases have been agreed, we begin the process of optimising your website's on-page SEO elements, as well as building strong, relevant links back to your domain.


We pride ourselves on our policies of openness and honesty in our interaction with our clients. If you have a goal for your website's search engine rankings which is overly optimistic or unrealistic with regard to your budgetary constraints, we will help you to come up with a more feasible plan, rather than work towards a goal that we know will ultimately prove unattainable.


If you're thinking about investing in SEO services for a Salisbury based businesses have experienced great online growth and success by working with Cravenplan. For more information on the valuable services Cravenplan can offer to businesses in Salisbury (or further afield) you can book onto one of our free monthly seminars. You can view the complete list of upcoming seminars here, or you can book by calling on 0800 135 7293.


Whether you have a website or are looking to build one, we can help you make the right decisions to establish your business firmly within the internet marketing arena. You can contact the Cravenplan team to discuss any questions you have – we are available from Monday to Friday at our Salisbury offices, and for a more detailed discussion, we are happy to speak to you following one of our free seminar sessions.

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