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Yahoo! Express is a paid submission service that is available to anyone and recommended for commercial sites.


On payment of a one time non-refundable fee Yahoo! Express guarantees that within seven business days a member of Yahoo!'s editorial staff will look at your site and consider it for inclusion in the Yahoo! directory. Note that payment doesn't automatically guarantee inclusion in the directory or position within it.. This is all at the discretion of the editors who may refuse inclusion or edit the supplied site description before inclusion.


The guarantee is to review your site within seven days and send an email response stating whether it has been included and, if not, giving reasons why.


Yahoo! also run a paid inclusion plan with the added cost of having to pay for each click you receive from them. LookSmart tried this a couple of years ago and they're not looking too smart now!


All submissions that we have made on behalf of clients have been successful so if you would like to know more call Sean Dominey on 0800 1357293 between 9am and 5pm GMT.

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