Business networking, avoid the minefield

If you have ever attended a networking event to help promote your business you may well have felt a little intimidated, in a room with a lot of people you did not know and when you look around they all seem to be chatting to each other quite happily.

I attend a lot of these events and I felt just like that at my first few, but with time, practice and a little preparation it becomes much easier and you can get much more out of the business networking events.

I have read an extremely well written guide on, unfortunately I could not find an author name as I would like to read more by the same contributor.

The article covers many different aspects of the networking environment such as

  • The elevator pitch
  • How to be helpful and contribute to the group
  • How to plan your networking
  • Different events you may like to attend

Along with a number of other useful tips. If youthink you may benefit from this article you can read the full thing at

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