Did King Charles I really invent the iPhone? The art to Successful Business Networking

On the 18th January 2012 Cravenplan Computers Ltd held one of their free monthly seminars focusing on how to get the most out of business networking. This animated 3 hour workshop was attended by a variety of local companies who were all interested in getting more business from networking.


There was plenty of opportunity for the delegates to acquaint themselves, putting into practice what they had observed from the entertaining demonstrations given by Angus Bramwell and Mark James of Codford’s Woolstore Country Theatre. What’s more prizes were dished out to those who illustrated good networking etiquette, such as dressing to impress, good preparation and making the most of their time there, by exchanging business cards and making meeting arrangements. 


Did King Charles I really invent the iPhone? The answer is no, it is just an example of how distorted information can get when you speak to a number of people, leading to fabrication. At the seminar everyone created a famous friend with an interesting fact, the task was to introduce and pass the famous friends around the room, explaining how Charles I was eventually introduced as the inventor of the iPhone. Therefore emphasising the importance of preparation in order to make a success out of networking and furthermore why it is beneficial to invest in supporting tools such as your web site by making it more visible in search engines.


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