How you can learn from your competition

When it comes to marketing there are very few new ideas and this is the same in internet marketing and website promotion as with any other form of business promotion.


So when you see another website above yours in the rankings what can you do about it?


The first thing is to prepare a Search Engine Optimisation strategy plan and one of the best places to start this is to identify your competitors and see how they are outranking you at the moment, you need to analyse the structure of there site, what keywords have they targeted, how have they used the keywords on the page what links to they have coming back to them and which of these links is producing the most benefit for them.


You then need to prioritise the work that needs doing so you can get the most benefit from it in the shortest time.


The keyword research is the key to this and once you have this solid base you can more forward from there to take advantage of the other things you have learned about your competitors site.

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