Why Google hates your website part 2

Welcome back, yesterday we looked at why Google does not hate your website it is just that they do not understand what the site is about as you have not provided them with enough information or peer approval in the form of quality links.


The increase in quality links combined with targeting the correct keywords and what you will learn today will; give you a firm footing on the clime up the search engine rankings.


So our next topic is


Use of keywords on the site


When you have your keywords for your site you have to use them so the search engines know what your pages are about.


You should try and use just 1 or 2 phrases for each page on your website, make the keywords relevant to the information on that page.


The keywords or phrases should be used in the title of the page, the description and the meta keywords tags, you should use appropriate alt text on any images, try to describe the picture in the alt text, the internal links should also contain the keywords so the search engines can see what each page is about.


You should have text on the page for the search engines to go through, it is also good for your visitors as you need to describe what the products or services are that your website is discussing, 300 + words is normally good but in that text you need to use your keywords, not too often as it will sound false and your visitors will not understand what you are trying to say.


Flash based site design


Flash can look great on a site and many people use this however the search engines can have problems searching through these sites as they are made of images and there is no text for the spiders to pick up on, avoid using too much flash and ensure you have text for your visitors that is not part of an image.


There are many other issues that cause the search engines to not rank a site but generally if you follow the simple guidelines here you should find the love returning from the search engines.

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