How to get 14 times more visitors to your site

It may sound a little unrealistic but it is something we have accomplished and we continue to accomplish for our Search engine optimisation clients.


Imagine what that would mean for your business, if you are getting 2,000 visitors a month we can multiply that number up to 28,000 visitors a month and if everything else stays the same that means that your sales and profits should also rise by 14 times.


But keeping everything else on the website the same will not help you make the most of this extra traffic so we will also look at the site to determine if we can increase the number of conversions you get and we have had some amazing successes with increasing conversions including one example where we changed just 1 thing on a website and that resulted in a 60% increase in conversions overnight. I made this change on a Wednesday afternoon and on the Thursday the site got 60% more conversions and the great news is that the increased level of conversions has continued to this day.


To get your business more visitors and more conversions complete the form on the right hand site of the page now.

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