How to save money on Pay Per Click

How to save money on Pay Per Click

You should be using the search query report that Google offers in its Pay Per Click reports, the search query report will help you identify two important pieces of information that will help you pay less for your clicks, increase conversions and stop you wasting your Pay Per Click budget.


The first thing you should look for are the terms that people have used to convert on your site, this can be completing a form or buying a product. Once you know what phrases people are using to buy your products you can change your keywords and advertisements to match.


The second is what phrases people clicked on but did not convert from, often you will find that people use words that trigger your ads but are inappropriate to your site, as an example we have a client who sells metal storage containers, people often search for the phrase plastic storage container this is obviously not going to be of use to our client as he does not offer this service. So what we did was use plastic as one of the negative keywords in his pay per click campaign, this stops his ads being shown when the word plastic is used in a search query.


Using negative keywords can reduce the clicks on your ads from people who are searching for products you do not offer and it can save you a lot of money on waisted clicks.


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